In the years since TechnoVision’s inception in 2007, our dependency on technology has increased exponentially. Technology brings us closer, allowing us to operate - facilitating collaboration, creativity, and community. So much so, that the very notion of a business not using technology seems incomprehensible. What may once have been perceived as a superfluous luxury, is now wholeheartedly part of the package. And it pertains in equal parts to what we, at least so far, call “business” and “technology.” The technological universe continues to expand, augment, and adapt at a phenomenal rate. Physical and virtual worlds merge, robots teach themselves, and the quantum realm looms ever nearer. Meanwhile, the time that organizations have to adjust to this accelerated technological development is compressed. More is demanded now, with a need to respond faster than ever before. All of this can be daunting: to know what to do, where to go, and how to adapt, all for the benefit of the organization. To respond successfully, it requires more dialog than ever, between everyone in the organization, regardless of business unit, role, or technological affinity. This is where TechnoVision shines. Designed as an accessible, well-structured framework, it describes 37 technology trends – based on the contributions of Capgemini experts all around the world, from many different domains. There’s something in each trend for everybody, whether you are an IT expert looking for new angles, or a tech-curious businessperson wanting to understand the buzz.

This TechnoVision 2022 edition contains many inspiring use cases and stories that underpin each trend. And to refine our focus even more, we’ve extracted “how to apply TechnoVision” as a standalone publication, enabling access for those who need it and keeping the attention well and truly on the trends for this – now condensed – edition. But because technology is ever changing, and as a response to the rapids of technological innovation, we plan for a steady, continuous release of Sector Playbooks, showing the impact of technology trends and their sector and industry-specific challenges and opportunities throughout the year. Of course, TechnoVision wouldn’t be the same without its slightly left-field, playful approach to technology trends, using a rich, ever-expanding palette of different techniques and a distinct way with words. We hope this year’s edition doesn’t disappoint. If nothing else, it should bring you some fresh thinking to address the technology business issues of today, and helps you design, plan, and ultimately, get the future you want. Come on in, the water’s fine.

Ron Tolido

Gunnar Menzel

Pierre Hessler

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