Ron Tolido Expert in Residence


Ensure a properly measured and monitored balance between three – sometimes conflicting – assets: the corporate Intelligence Quotient, Creativity Quotient, and Emotional Quotient.

"The only way is up! On the road to becoming a Data-powered Enterprise, every initiative should increase the corporate IQ, noticeably through new knowledge, insights, and algorithms. Also, AI systems can now increasingly generate new, unique content from organization data, bolstering their creative powers (CQ). However, humans stay at the center of the enterprise’s raison d’être: a demonstrably growing corporate EQ will prove it."


Harvest and use data to the max, automate at will, leverage AI for cognitive and creative purposes; don’t worry about the people, they will adjust – as always.


It doesn’t take much convincing for organizations to focus on extracting more value out of data. It is used to share – both inside and outside the organization – for specific purposes, and to base better, fact-based decisions and actions upon. Data is also increasingly used to train AI models that bring additional predictive, prescriptive, and even autonomous capabilities to the business. And this data melting pot becomes all the richer with generative AI, which builds on (organizational) data to produce synthetic, creative content. So far, much of this has been considered the exclusive forte of humans. All the more reason to not focus on the organization’s intellectual and creative capital alone, but responsibly – and measurably – balance it with the emotional curve of every individual, and the organization as a whole.


  1. Understand your data assets, assuring all data, whether coming from inside or outside the enterprise, is continuously identified and cataloged for easy access and reference.
  2. Activate data through insights, algorithms, and AI – focusing on putting them at the very core of the business strategy, objectives, and daily operations.
  3. Take advantage of data, applying a systematic framework to identify external (and possibly internal) monetization opportunities for the corporate data assets.
  4. Unleash human creative energy by scanning data for creative potential, building new content, or augmented innovative products and services through generative AI.
  5. Adapt to emotion, ensuring the right emotional curve of all stakeholders involved in the (data-powered) transformation is recognized and respected.


  • Publish an alternative Corporate Intelligence annual report that describes data-powered measures and achievements, including a financial value analysis of data assets.
  • Mine existing data assets and knowledge bases – structured or unstructured – for the first compelling opportunities to generate new synthetic, creative content from it.
  • Consider technology solutions that help monitor, analyze, and improve the commitment and motivation of humans involved in all transformation initiatives.

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