Patrice Duboë Expert in Residence


Upgrade your technology platform to the ultimate Technology Business platform: a superior, open set of attractive services, acting as a magnet for active collaboration, internally and externally.

'New clients, new customers, new opportunities, new hires, new partners, new resources, new collaborations, new ways of doing business: they come as quickly as they go. Your platform must be ready when opportunity knocks, not only when you plan for it. And remember, you’re not the only game in town, just being “open” is not enough to beat the competition. Offer the best from Technology Business services and create an irresistible business magnet.'


Your Technology Business platform is a custom-built stronghold, doors closed, only opened when new requirements dictate so.


A differentiating, unified experience – for customers, partners, and employees – requires easy connectivity between organizations, sectors, and industries alike. As players move in their own, idiosyncratic ways, it is hard to predict what the network opportunities and challenges may look like at any given point in time. It can be difficult to find a unique position for your Technology Business to stand out above the melee. A Technology Business platform must have attractive openness built in, not as something that is only reluctantly – and painfully – added when new circumstances arise. A cloud-native infrastructure, API-first application services, robust data sharing capabilities, distributed networking: they all make for the most alluring front doors around. Spread the word, and don’t be shy promoting them either.


  1. Re-name your platform to Technology Business platform – designed, developed, and operated with, and for technology-driven business purposes.
  2. Re-architect your platform to evolve easily and integrate new partners, outside resources, providers, clients, and new services in the shortest time possible.
  3. Systematically adopt open standards and state of the art technologies – as a standing invitation card.
  4. Augment the business value of your APIs and data sharing services – evolving from technology-coupling systems into business-partnering vehicles.
  5. Encourage top management to make its Technology Business platform one of the hallmarks of the company: “With Open Arms.”


  • Promote your Technology Business platform’s capabilities and attractions as you would when promoting the glamour of a new product.
  • Introduce Objectives and Key Results that speak the language of open connection: business value, time-to-react, fluid workforce, environmental contribution.
  • Make it Common Practice to be irresistible to scarce human resources – not just providing security and comfort but offering the best balance between work and life too.

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