Robots become a dependable, digital companion, giving us the time and freedom to think, plan, and focus

Digital robots are among us – though they’re not like the ones in the movies. These powerful software solutions are here, evolving, becoming more sophisticated by the day. We talk about them, we hype them, and we apply them. They help to eliminate the mechanistic and repetitive processes of the human workforce. They de-noise process execution leaving teams free – to think, plan, and focus. They harmonize with APIs and incorporate cognitive functions that enable more than just the “copy and paste” of old. Robots can even watch human operators doing their job – and with the magic of machine learning – decide to do it themselves and deliver. Simple, fluid, and frictionless Intelligent Process Automation. So, while Robotic Process Automation may not look like R2-D2, it will certainly speed up the flow of routine business activities. Robots work. Robots rock.

Smitha Gopalaiah Expert in Residence


  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) utilizes a software system to replicate the actions of a human worker interacting with the user interface of a computer system.
  • This “software robot” can be trained to use the user interface in the same way as a human would, virtually initiating input actions (such as mouse clicks and keyboard input), interpreting display output, and taking automated actions according to pre-defined rules.
  • Additional RPA management software manages resource allocation, systems usage, and compliance.
  • RPA solutions carry out their actions much faster, more reliably, and at a larger scale than their human counterparts.


  • A large services organization automated its order management process with RPA, covering the work of 800 full-time employees with just 50 software robots. The average handling time was reduced from 30 minutes to ten, and an 80% cost reduction led to a return on investment within six months.
  • Arab National Bank automated 35 manual, repetitive business processes by deploying Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native, AI-powered RPA solution, Automation 360, to save more than 40,000 hours of manual work.
  • Swiss investment firm, Vontobel deployed cloud-based Appian RPA to automate processes such as investment assets and banking products to achieve greater flexibility and a higher return on investment.
  • Irish Life deployed Ushur’s Intelligent Document Automation solution to automate their complete document and customer-data lifecycle, freeing valuable resources to serve customers faster.
  • Transportation company, OL USA implemented RPA Pursuit to automate their container tracking processes, enhancing shipment status visibility without any human intervention.


  • A faster – and potentially more reliable – execution of routine human tasks carried out across a multitude of different applications, saving money, time, and resources.
  • Application integration and cross-silo organization issues that are typically considered too small or too costly to address within the core application systems can be addressed and repaired.
  • Due to its non-invasive nature (no applications need to be changed), benefits are delivered quickly, effectively, and without additional risk.


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